You accept and authorize UBJ Processing Limited (UK). ("UBJ Processing") to handle your real money account credit card purchases (deposits) and credits (withdrawals). You agree to be bound by all purchases/credits made on your behalf by UBJ Processing in as much as you authorized them (as outlined below in the section "Security"). UBJ Processing Limited of London, England is an E-cash Subsidiary of UBJ.

Your credit card statement will appear as Customers are reminded to print out all transaction data, rules of the game, the cancellation regulations and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions at a later time. It is required by our credit card processor to request your address and the 3 digit code on the back of you credit card as this ensures a high level of security for you.

All players have the option of assuming the House and take the dealer's position. You will be required to have a minimum balance to act as the House. If you fall below this minimum balance you will be asked to deposit a minimum amount of funds to insure you can payoff the other players. The amount requested will projected to ensure there enough funds to play at least three more rounds at the present win/loss rate.

UBlackJack and UBJ Processing reserve the right to withhold payment of any funds if suspicion or evidence of manipulation with UBlackJack software arises, or evidence of credit card fraud arises. Charges will be brought against any User or other who has manipulated, or tried to manipulate the UBlackJack Server or Client software, and/or attempts to commit credit card fraud.

Credit Card Processing Fee: UBJ Processing charges a processing fee of 5.50% + $0.50 on all credit card purchases (deposits). UBlackJack charges clients this 5.50% + $0.50 fee and then in-turn pays UBJ Processing the 5.50% + $0.50 fee. UBlackJack does not profit from this fee.

On Depositing funds the full amount will be credited to your account, with the credit card fee identified and restricted. Once the Deposit Fee Rebate (see below) is achieved the restriction is lifted.

Deposit Fee Rebate

In order to reward our keen players, UBlackJack has implemented a points program designed to refund the credit card processing fee.

1 point will be earned for every hand that is played and completed at a table where the commission was at least 50 cents. Once a hundred and fifty points is collected $5 you will have your deposit fee released to offset against the credit card charge

These restrictions will be clearly displayed on the [Financial History] screen. The [Financial History] screen will also displays your current point total.

You will only receive refunds up to the amount charged by UBJ Processing. If you have had all your Deposit Fees refunded, you will not collect points. Points are non-transferable. This refund policy is subject to change without notice.