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2021-03-29 - Android update with improved offline gameplay.

2021-03-02 - New IOS version, includes roulette and 3D lobby.

2020-10-30 - Roulette game is arrived into Casino Palace. Lot of improvements on slots, and 3D views are everywhere.

You can read about our in-game premium items below. Some has effect on actual game winning, some are just elegant or awesome skin that make you feel unique.

Enjoy the in-game awesomeness by buying some of it and be cool...

The ultimate cards, which make you rich. If you wish for these cards you can have them and you will have winning multiplied by 4 in every card game.

The Silver Cards will make you rich, but this 2x multiplier comes with a price. Sorry, but you can’t have it for free. You need to buy it...

Want some style and have to play with high hands. Buy these Gold Chips and you will get what you want.

Silver Chips in a game? Why not? If you don’t like gold, you can have that same unique feeling with Silver.

If you want something hot in your hands while you play, than you want this. But beware, the cards could burn your hands if you play with them. >;)

If you want something unique, than you have to buy this. Souls will fly from every card and your screen will get haunted. Especially at Halloween. 8[

This table skin has the style that every noble man and women wish for. You can get it now and make yourself the Emperor of Casinos.

The Nature Green Table skin is the natural choice for every people who wish for a classic table skin. You can have the oldschool casino feeling right now.

This Elegant Black GUI skin has The Style for our casino game. You can personalize your GUI with this and make your friends wish for this pure elegance.

Thi Vicious Red GUI skin has a really hot style for our casino game. You can personalize your GUI with this and make your girlfriends lust for it.

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